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Official trailer for #GIRLBOSS

#GIRLBOSS,the original half hour comedy created by Kay Cannon, stars Britt Robertson as Sophia Marlowe.  Alice plays Kathleen, Sophia's mother.

Alice stars in the rock 'n' roll feature film, SUGAR!, which had a successful run on the 2016 festival circuit.  Alice won three "Best Actress" awards.  SUGAR! is available to rent or purchase on  Click here.

3. SUGAR 367 kb.JPG

photo by Reese Nanavati/Jagged Edge Arts

directed/edited by Shari Berman

July 20 - Long Island Film Expo, NY
Sept. 3 - Brewster Film Festival, NY
Sept. 17 - Boardwalk Film Festival, NJ
Sept. 28 - Glendale Film Festival, CA
Oct. 15 - Atlantic City Cinefest, NJ
Oct. 15 - Louisville Festival of Film, KY
Oct. 16 - Chelsea Film Festival, NY
Nov. 1 - Big Apple Film Festival, NY
Nov. 11 - High Falls Film Festival, NY  
Nov. 15 - Back in the Box Competition 

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